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Shun selfish, mischievous politicians hiding under religion, ethnicity – Shehu advises Nigerians

Former senator Shehu Sani urges religious leaders nationwide to reject self-serving and divisive politicians exploiting religion and ethnicity for political gain. At a recent breaking-fast dinner in Kaduna, he emphasized the importance of preaching unity and peace in places of worship, while educating followers on the significance of voting for competent leaders.

Sani highlighted the need for equity, justice, and development for democracy to thrive, emphasizing that power should not be monopolized by any ethnic group. He discouraged northerners from rallying against President Tinubu, urging support for the government’s progress rather than pursuing power shifts.

Sani criticized the current administration for its handling of the economy and security, attributing the rise in banditry and terrorism to systemic failures.

He highlighted the pervasive fear among parents regarding their children’s safety in schools, citing instances of mosque raids and attacks on religious leaders by bandits.

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