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Nigerians more religious than godly – Ishaq Oloyede

The Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, has remarked that Nigerians are inherently religious but not necessarily godly. He noted that while many Nigerians rely on prayers, they often neglect the importance of hard work in achieving their goals.

Addressing the audience during the First Aare Sulaiman Afolabi Ogunlayi Ramadan Lecture organized by House of Representatives member, Akin Rotimi, Prof. Oloyede emphasized the need for Nigerians to leverage the country’s abundant resources to improve its situation. He highlighted the agricultural potential of Nigeria, citing its vast arable land, water resources, and favorable weather conditions across different regions.

Speaking on the theme “Duties of Muslim Citizens in National Development,” Prof. Oloyede stressed the importance of using religion as a tool for problem-solving. He cautioned against excessive reliance on prayers without accompanying efforts, citing it as a contributing factor to Nigeria’s challenges.

Prof. Oloyede lamented Nigeria’s neglect of its natural endowments, such as the groundnut pyramid in the North and the fertile land in the South-West, in favor of overdependence on oil revenue.

While acknowledging religion’s positive impact on socio-economic development, he emphasized the need for unity and the eradication of ethnic bitterness to fully harness its potential.

The event’s organizer, Akin Rotimi, highlighted the significance of honoring patriotic citizens like Aare Sulaiman Afolabi Ogunlayi, who has made notable contributions to religion and politics in Nigeria.

In his response, Aare Sulaiman Afolabi Ogunlayi expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging individuals’ contributions while they are still alive.

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