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XMAS: Extend Your Love To The Less Privileged – Sam Oyus Foundation Urged Osun Residents

The Founder and Executive Director of a non governmental organization in Osun State, SAM OYUS FOUNDATION has urged citizens and people of osun state to spread their benevolence especially to the less privileged in the spirit of Christmas celebration.

Extolling the spirit of this season, Hon. Samuel Oyedotun stressed that the essence of the Christmas season as exemplified by Jesus Christ himself is to share love and joy amongst the people in the community irrespective of social status.

“This is a season to show love among ourselves, our lord Jesus Christ taught us to use this season to extend our joyous hands to our fellow people without any discrimination. Let us follow this important lesson and keep the merry of the season flowing”, he said.

While noting that Sam Oyus Foundation will continue to support and uplift people from the downtrodden, Hon. Samuel disclosed that Sam Oyus Foundation has used the festive season to put smile on the face of a lot of categories of people in the society while urging other privilege individuals or organizations in the society to emulate this action.

“As a foundation, we realize the importance of spreading joy and blessings amongst one and another this season, we have in our own little way celebrate this season with our people in various groups and individuals for them to have a colorful Christmas celebration. I urge everyone in the society to follow this step and make our society a better one” he added.

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