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Israel vows to respond to Iran’s strikes

Israel’s military leader, Herzi Halevi, has vowed to retaliate against Iran’s unprecedented attack on the country, despite appeals for restraint from world leaders.

Amidst a six-month conflict between Israel and the Iran-backed Hamas group in Gaza, Iran’s allies across the region have escalated their assaults on Israel and its allies, claiming solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Tensions were already high before Iran launched its first-ever assault on Israeli territory on Saturday, firing hundreds of missiles and drones in retaliation for a deadly strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1.

The Israeli military reported that the majority of the incoming weapons were intercepted with assistance from the United States and other allies, resulting in minimal damage. Western governments, including those supporting Israel’s defense, have cautioned against further escalation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened his war cabinet late Monday to discuss potential next steps, as reported by Israeli media.

Iran has stated that it considers the matter “concluded” unless Israel retaliates. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian assured his Chinese counterpart during a call on Tuesday that Iran is willing to exercise restraint and has no intention of further escalating tensions.

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