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War On Gaza: 26,751 Palestinians Killed In 118 Days – Envoy

The Palestinian Ambassador in Nigeria, Abu Shawesh, has said the ongoing Israeli genocidal war against Palestinians is a war attempting to save the current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and other fanatical and messianic ministers.

The envoy stated this on Thursday in Abuja while addressing a press conference on the 118th day of what he called ‘the Israel genocidal war against the Palestinian people.’

He said it had become clear to all the political commentators that the war was not to accomplish the two main declared goals of “the total elimination and dismantling of the military cabalists of the Palestinian military faction and the return of the hostages to their homes.”

“This means that both the Israelis and the Palestinians became scapegoats for Netanyahu to avoid being jailed for the previous three cases and other ones he will be accused of after the war,” he said.

“On the 118th day of the Israeli genocidal war against the Palestinian people, the casualty toll has risen to 26,751 Palestinians killed and 65,636 persons injured. Among the dead are 11,500 children, including babies and toddlers.

“In the Occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the casualty toll has risen to 370 Palestinians killed, including 94 children, and 4,386 injured since 7 October. In January alone, 61 Palestinians, including 13 children, were killed by the IDF and/or settlers.

“More than 8,000 people – men, women, and children – remain buried under rubble, denied in death the dignity they were denied in life, along with the hundreds of bodies exhumed and defiled by Israel’s destruction of cemeteries and graves in Gaza,” he added.

He thanked South Africa’s political leaders and citizens for their strong stance in upholding international law and holding Israel accountable for its crimes.

Mr Shawesh said, “We welcome this historical move. For the first time, after 75 years of violating and trampling international law with full immunity and impunity, Israel will be in the right place it deserves – in the defendant’s box, being sued for committing the crime of genocide.”

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