March 4, 2024

Google has launched two new search functions powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The tech company said the new features — Circle to Search and Multi-Search in Lens — will enable users to engage with search functionalities in a more easy and meaningful way.

Elizabeth Reid, Google’s vice president, said the new updates are products of generative AI testing, adding that they are aimed at making the search function more natural and intuitive.

“For instance, you can search with your voice, or you can search with your camera using Lens,” she said.

“And recently, Google has been testing how generative AI’s ability to understand natural language makes it possible to ask questions on Search in a more natural way.

‘’Ultimately, we envision a future where you can search anyway, anywhere you want.

“As we enter 2024, Google is introducing two major updates that bring this vision closer to reality.”


With a simple gesture of tapping or selecting a text or image on your phone, this feature will provide information about the content selected in the app.

Google said this AI-powered feature will help users easily search and understand ideas or trends from across the web.

“Circle to Search, we think, is a meaningful step forward in helping people to express their needs, and to stay in there and their context stay where they are,” said Alistair Pott, the company’s director of product management, Search App.

“And, multi-search is something I’m very excited about, especially in conjunction with the circle to search, allowing users to more naturally and intuitively express their needs.”

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