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Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria Commences Operations At OMC Medical Centre Offa

Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria has announced commencement of operations at the Offa Metropolitan Club (OMC) Medical Centre Offa, Kwara state.

The company also added their services at the medical centre has been subsidized by the club to address some of the difficult healthcare issues facing the country.

It would recall that OMC and Clina-Lancet Laboratories Ltd signed a Service Level Agreement for the management of OMC Medical Centre, Offa in June 2023.

According to Mr. Abanishe Adeola Afeez, Business Development Executive with the Laboratories, OMC Medical Centre is a reference facility prepared for diagnostic procedures, surgeries, clinical consultations, and reference laboratories.
He added that Clina-Lancet Laboratories has hit the ground running by providing its resources and experience to the medical center’s laboratory infrastructure and equipment.

“We at Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria are a leading pathology laboratory in the country. The area of medicine known as pathology focuses on the nature, causes, and consequences of diseases on the structure and function of the body. It encompasses subspecialties like speech pathology, immunopathology, neuropathology, anatomic, and clinical.

“Pathology is defined as the area of medicine that examines the causes and consequences of different disease conditions, as determined by a variety of blood tests, tissue examinations, and gross specimens.

“OMC Medical Centre is a prototype facility equipped to perform diagnostic procedures, perform surgeries, and serve as a reference laboratory. We partnered with the Offa Metropolitan Club to avail people of our services at the medical centre. We conduct laboratory and diagnostics tests pertaining to pathology. We can conduct over 6,000 pathological tests. There is no other private medical company in the country that can do as much as these.

“The Offa Metropolitan Club has subsidized prices of our services at the OMC Medical Centre, hence our prices here is not as much as it is in other places.”

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