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EU Pushes Israel To Accept Two-State Solution After War In Gaza

EU foreign ministers on Monday pressed Israel for an eventual two-state solution with the Palestinians after the war in Gaza, at meetings with the top diplomats from the two sides and key Arab states in Brussels. The surprise Hamas attack…


Five Dead As Israeli Strike Hits Residential Building In Damascus

An Israeli strike on Damascus killed five people in a building where “Iran-aligned leaders” were meeting on Saturday, a war monitor said, as regional tensions soar over the Israel-Hamas war. “An Israeli missile strike targeted a four-storey building, killing five…


BREAKING: Israeli Drone Kills Hamas Deputy Leader In Lebanon

Hamas deputy leader, Saleh al-Arouri, has been killed in an attack on Hamas office in Beirut. Hamas’ Al Aqsa Radio and Lebanon’s pro-Iranian Mayadeen TV confirmed word from security sources that Arouri, a member of the Palestinian Islamist movement’s politburo…


Israeli Army Uncovers ‘Biggest Hamas Tunnel’

The Israeli army said on Sunday it had uncovered the biggest Hamas tunnel in the Gaza Strip so far, just a few hundred metres from a key border crossing. Such was its size that small vehicles would be able to…


UN General Assembly Overwhelmingly Demands Gaza Ceasefire, US and Israel Show Divisions

Israel faced growing diplomatic isolation in its war against Hamas as the United Nations demanded an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and U.S. President Joe Biden told the longtime ally its “indiscriminate” bombing of civilians was hurting international support. After…