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Owa Stool: Adeleke and His White Paper

The unprecedented incident in Igbajo is one of the biggest wrongdoings of Gboyega Oyetola’s administration through his former Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Prince Adebayo Adeleke (Banik. The damage done by Oyetola and Banik towards ruining the affairs of communities wasn’t limited to Igbajo only. Ikirun and Iree were also affected by this heartless action of Oyetola.

The Akirun’s Palace was burnt down, and many lives were lost as a result of the imposition of Kings by the APC. However, the Igbajo Development Association (IDA) was proactive in calling the grieving parties into order so as not to disturb the peace and orderliness in the state, pending the time that court judgement will be passed and the Governor makes his decision on the Executive Order that suspended the conferment of the Kings in Igbajo, Iree and Ikirun.

The governor immediately up a committee that was charged with the responsibility to look into these incidents and call all parties involved to come up with a report to give the governor. Since then, the people from the affected towns have been awaiting the white paper report of the committee on the issue.

The wait came to an end on Thursday, 18/01/2024, and for Igbajo’s case, the state government nullified the installation of Prince Adegboyega and called for an inclusive selection process should commence immediately.

The throne of Owa of Igbajo became vacant on 24th December 2020 after the death of the late Oba Olufemi Adeniyi Fashade (Akeran IV). Oba Fashade sat on the throne of his fathers for 30 years before he died at age 81.

Igbajo is an ancient town in Osun State, South West, Nigeria, known for its key role in the Kiriji war, was left without a king for almost 2 years, probably before the King makers’ favourite was still busy with politics so they had to keep his retirement plan for him.

Fortunately, as fate would have it, Prince Adegboyega Famodun, who is the former Chairman of All Progressive Congress, led his party to a flawless election where the then incumbent Governor lost his return election. Prince Famodun’s retirement got closer. His dream of staying in the seat of a ruling party was cut short with the victory of Governor Ademola Adeleke. A few days before the end of Oyetola’s administration, Prince Famodun hurriedly activated his retirement plan and got the former governor, Oyetola, to crown him the Owa of Igbajo

The question of how the former APC Chairman got announced and the gymnastics that surrounded his conferment raised eyebrows on his kingship. This is because we know how power can get you anything anywhere in this country. The question of his eligibility was never in place because Prince Adegboyega Famoodun is the first son of the late Oba Isaac Adelani Famodun.

For understanding sake, Igbajo has only two ruling houses, which are the Owa Iloro Ruling House, the ruling House, and the Owa Oke-Odo Ruling House. With his Houses having at least 5 compounds each. Going by the rotation of the seat, the Owa Iloro, Odofin Iloro compound produced the late Owa, so automatically, it was the turn of Owa Oke-Odo to produce the next Owa however, a particular compound, the Gbeleru Eyinbi compound in Owa Oke-Odo has a family that produced Owa 3 times. This is not even an issue as long as the procedure is carried out in an all-inclusive and transparent manner. A family can produce 10 kings.

However, the selection of Prince Adegboyega Famodun was carried out in an exclusive manner where the Loye of Igbajoland, Adewumi Taiwo, was used by Oyetola, Famodun in the hatchet job that denied all other eligible Princes from Owa Oke-Odo Ruling House from signifying their interest. Prince Taiwo’s position as the Head of Princes in Igbajo was used to promote the interest of Prince Adegboyega Famodun.

The vindictiveness cry from the APC shows their disregard for due process and amplifies how they ran the state without following due process in their activities. Governor Adeleke should be commended for his commitment to due process and also for restoring peace and orderliness to Ikirun, Iree, and Igbajo. Oyetola should be held responsible for this unprecedented event in the ancient towns.

I urge Prince Adegboyega Famodun to disregard the stupid sympathy of his ally, Lawal, and signify interest in the new all-inclusive selection process if he is still interested in the throne of his forefathers.

Great Oluwaseun is my name from Legiri Compound, from Owa Oke-Odo Ruling House in Igbajo, Boluwaduro East LCDA.

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