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Governor Fubara Cancels Predecessor’s 10,000 Civil Service Jobs, Announces Fresh Recruitment Process

Governor Siminalayi Fubara has canceled the 10,000 jobs in the State Civil Service previously approved by his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, and announced a new recruitment process.

Nyesom Wike had approved the immediate employment of 10,000 youths to fill vacant positions in the state workforce during the final days of his administration. However, during an interactive session with stakeholders in Port Harcourt on Friday, Governor Fubara explained that he canceled the recruitment because the process was flawed and compromised by those responsible for handling it.

Fubara expressed disappointment that upon reviewing the names of those selected from the 23 local government areas, it was evident that many individuals were chosen for political patronage rather than merit.

Addressing the issue, Fubara said, “When we came on board, we received details from the 23 local government areas. Upon proper scrutiny, we found that 60 percent of the names were over-aged and selected for political reasons. We need employment for the future, not political patronage. How can you employ a 52-year-old as a civil servant? They wouldn’t have many years before retirement.”

Governor Fubara also emphasized that the social contract between his administration and the people of Rivers State remains strong, aiming to drive governance on a healthy footing. He challenged service providers for the Rivers State Waste Management Agency to enhance their efforts to ensure that waste is cleared from the streets promptly, maintaining a cleaner city.

Represented by the Head of Rivers State Civil Service, Dr. George Nwaeke, Fubara made this call while receiving a delegation of leaders and members of the RIWAMA Service Providers Association, who were on a solidarity walk to the Government House Gate in Port Harcourt on Friday. The governor appreciated their hard work in keeping the streets of Port Harcourt and its environs clean.

He noted that maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is a crucial way for the government to stay connected with the people and ensure they are not exposed to unhealthy living conditions.

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