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Blind mother of missing one-year-old girl welcomes twins

Agnes Forte, a visually-impaired mother from Akowonjo in the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State, recently welcomed a set of twins, just four months after her one-year-old daughter, Excel, went missing on November 28, 2023. Excel was last seen in the company of her 13-year-old step-sister, Joy, before she disappeared.

Agnes, who spoke to our correspondent, recounted that she was in her room while the two children played in the apartment corridor. However, she lost track of them and has been unable to locate them since then.

Expressing gratitude for the safe delivery of her twins, Agnes also expressed hope for the return of her missing daughter. She said, “I thank God for the safe delivery and the blessings of a set of twins. I am also hopeful that my missing daughter will be found.”

Despite her joy, Agnes faces challenges as she struggles to settle the hospital bills accrued after delivery. She revealed her husband’s efforts to raise the necessary funds but lamented the delay in discharge due to outstanding payments.

Agnes shared her concerns, stating, “I have not been able to settle my hospital bills. That is why I have been here since Wednesday.

My husband has been trying but he has yet to raise the money. The hospital management told us to get the money or they will ask us to sleep on the floor due to bed space.”

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