By Dr. Oladimeji Alo.

I am indeed persuaded by the decency and the good manner displayed by Dr. Bolorunduro in this rejoinder and I commend him for it.

I agree with him that we can interrogate issues of public interest without lowering the standard of our communication as experts and professionals.

Since Dr. Bolorunduro spoke of his love for data, I would be glad if he could provide answers to the following for our education:

1) What was the size of Osun state’s debt when Aregbesola assumed duty as governor?

2) What was the size of the state’s debt when Aregbesola handed over to Oyetola as governor?

3) In his speech, in the video we watched, Wale spoke about securing loan facilities from commercial banks (including Zenith Bank) to finance some of the state’s projects, particularly at critical times. What was the logic behind using commercial bank loan facilities, which are usually short-term in nature, to fund government projects, which often times have long gestation period or are mostly social in orientation? What was the implication of the high interest rates, which commercial banks normally charge, for the growth of the debt burden?

4) How much transparency did we have around many of the government projects in which most of the debts were incurred?. I am referring to the procurement processes and value for audit arrangement around them.

5) What was the wisdom in maintaining a bloated public sector workforce upon which more than 70% of the state’s revenue is expended as wages and salaries monthly, living little or nothing for development of the state. (Please note that this was and is not peculiar to Osun state). And, if we chose that option, why would we neglect to pay the salaries of those public servants for months on end, after they had done their own bit of their employment contracts?

6) What is the wisdom in opening up the flank of the current government in Osun state, thereby giving the opposition sufficient material to drown it, when both personalities (the two governors) belong to the same party and the same political family?

7) Of what benefit was this disputation (and the data quoted) to the audience in the video? Beyond firing up their adrenaline, how does that speech improve the lot of the average Osun state citizen or Ijesaman or their aspirations for good governance?

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