Sat. May 15th, 2021

The minority lawmakers in the National Assembly yesterday threatened President Muhammadu Buhari with impeachment over what they described as worsening insecurity in the country.

The opposition lawmakers were made up of senators and members of the House of Representatives who addressed journalists on the state of the nation.

The caucus which said it has taken note and will continue to take note of the constitutional breaches that is happening at this time by the government of the APC, said at the appropriate time, they will utilise all constitutional methods and measures available after consultations with their colleagues to do the needful to save the country from collapse.

Speaking on behalf of the lawmakers, the Senate minority leader, Sen Eyinnaya Abaribe, said the Minority Caucus of the National Assembly expresses very strong concern about the ineptitude and the inability of the APC-led government to arrest the drift to anarchy in the country.

“This APC-led government, at inception and during campaigns prior to 2015 elections, made promises to the Nigerian public, the first of which was that they were going to deal with security challenges within their tenure.”

“Sadly and most unfortunately, from 2015 to date, rather than resolving the security situation.


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