Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

• VC Charged Student’s Union leaders to be Responsible, Responsive and Postive

The Vice-Chancellor of Osun State University, Professor Labode Popoola has charged the students’ unionist to be responsible, responsive, positive and not aim at the destruction of the system

Professor Labode Popoola made this statement on Thursday, 17th of December at the Senate Chamber of the Osun State University’s main campus in Osogbo during the swearing-in ceremony of the pioneer student union executives.

“Students’ Union leaders must have a constructive engagement with their colleagues and the management of their institutions to promote enabling atmosphere for learning.”

Speaking on the swearing-in ceremony, the Ag. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Oluseye Abiona stated that the management carefully put a good policy in place to ensure the best students in the University participate in the leadership of the union.

“One of the criteria for a student to compete in the election is to have a good CGPA and I am happy to tell you that the pioneer president of UNIOSUN student union is a first-class student currently with 4.6 cumulative grade point.”

However, Comrade Muideen Olanrewaju, the first President of the Osun State University Students’ Union (OSUSU) in his speech disclosed that his administration’s agenda will focus on ensuring a peaceful academic environment/stable academic calendar in a conducive environment; ensuring an improved academic and welfare of students.

He demanded: Renovation and introduction of new buildings into other campuses of the University so they can also feel and enjoy the taste of being in a higher institution;

Increase in the number of staff at the University Health centres and the pharmacy section and should be well-stocked with drugs so that Heath delivery services will be effective.

“Today, we affirm our unity, our strength and our intellectuality as a Union. And as from today, our journey will never be the journey for the weak. But the journey in the story of the courageous, book of the bright, thoughts of the thinkers and insight of intellectuals and forever being a sincere ambassador of peace. This is the journey we will continue as a Union,” Comrade Olanrewaju added.

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