Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

Men of Osun Security Network Agency also known as Amotekun Corps on Thursday tortured a 32-year-old Animal Care Giver for allegedly taking the pictures of their vehicles.

According to information gathered by newsmen, the victim, identified as Babafemi Fabusuyi, was arrested at a public function at Ring Road in Osogbo by the Corps and he was beaten by the men on the spot before he was taking to their office located at Jaleoyemi area of the state capital.

Narrating what happened, Babafemi, who is a graduate of the Nigeria Navy Secondary School, Abeokuta told our Correspondent that he is still critically ill as a result of several wounds he sustained during the torture that last for over four hours.

He said his crime was “snapping the Amotekun vans at the event”, calling on well meaning Nigerians to ensure that he doesn’t suffer in vain.

Babafemi said, “what happened was that after closing for work, I went to meet a friend at WOCDIF event center. On getting there, I saw some Amotekun Corps and I took the picture of their vehicles. Next I heard was that some security men approached me and asked me to identify himself, which I did.

“At the place, they beat me so bad, used electric shock on me. I was later to that they are taking him to police station, only to be taken to their office at Jaleoyemi.”

Babafemi added that on getting Amotekun Office, they checked him and found animal drugs on him with identity cards of the Man O’War and that of his school.

“I was beaten by the with Sanda (a leather material) by both the men and their Field Commander, Amitolu. I was later dropped at Olaiya junction at about 10:30 in the night. During this time, my phone was seized by the corps and it’s still with them.

“I was immediately rushed to hospital and I’m still receiving treatment.”

When contacted the Amotekun Field Commander, Amitolu Shittu said the Babafemi was arrested for pick pocketing at the event. He also alleged him of taking the pictures of the corps sometimes ago and publish same on Twitter.

“This is how some hoodlums ganged up to bring police down and they made sure that they silent police. Criminals are taking advantage of the absence of police. You’re calling me in respect of who? A pocket-picker? Or what what? boy who was arrested for pick-pocketing. What exactly you you saying?”, Amitolu queried InsightMedia Correspondent.

When asked why the Babafemi was taken to the office for torture instead of police station as demanded by law, the former human rights activist said, “he was not tortured. He was only running and they pursued him. And if he thinks he has anything, let me go to the law court. Press house is not the best for him. Whatever any of my officers did, I’m responsible. He only tried to escape justice. That’s the reason why.” He said.

When asked if he used Shanda on Babafemi, he queried “have you seen me with such before? I don’t use it”

Shittu also did not respond to the why the suspect was not taken to police officer.

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