Sat. May 15th, 2021

Indian actor, VJ Chitra has reportedly committed suicide in her hotel room in the outskirts of Chennai on Wednesday morning.

The Tamil police suspect suicide after they found the actor was known for her performance in the show Pandian Stores hanging in her hotel room.

Whilst there are no official conclusions about the cause of death, Chitra’s body has been sent for autopsy as the police continue their investigation.

“TV actress VJ Chitra found dead at a hotel in the outskirts of Chennai, this morning. Police is ascertaining the cause of death. Her body recovered and sent for autopsy. Investigation underway,” local media, ANI tweeted.

According to further reports, the 28-year-old had only returned to the hotel at around 2:30 am last night and was staying with her fiance named Hemanth, having only gotten engaged a few months back.

Chitra was also a TV presenter and one of the most-loved faces in the Tamil TV industry.

(The Nation)

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