Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Often times, the content of a piece of information determines the attitude or actions of the recipient.

Over the years, news on different issues in the country, whether good or bad, misinformed or disinformed have always posed an effect on the reader or the receiver.

The spread of any kind of news have been made a lot easier through the improved and developing social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These platforms have made it a lot easier for many persons to get more acclined and aware of everything going on far and near them. News, whether fake or real are always believed to be real because it is ‘News’.

Yes! We all are very much aware that social media is almost an unavoidable part of our society now but can we really trust it as a news source? The answer to this rhetorical question gives us a static reason why we have to always believe and trust every single thing published on the internet.

Another reason that makes it easier for you and I to believe and affirm whatever is regarded as news on the internet is because it’s the closest and easiest medium for us to know what is happening.

So many people are not used to the traditional medium of distributing information like newspapers but Social Media has made it a lot easier for us to get acclined to the news. Isn’t it? Just a quick search and we get all we need in a second.

Through this easy means of getting information, news from different sources crop in. This makes it quiet difficult for you to differentiate between the real and fake news. You get to read a whole lot of news, different topics from diverse sources, all seeming to be true. Hmmmmm…. This has posed a lot of bad effect than good on the reader. It is through fake news that the reader interprets and takes immediate action. All because of the kind of news received.

In relation to the just subsided #endsars protest, it could be deduced that a larger percentage of what happened started on the internet.

News reported by traditional news media are often times gathered by different bloggers for the consumption of their online audience. Hence, the supply of different interpretations.

This protest was further made easily known through the social media platforms because the higher percentage of internet users, who are the youths involved. This further strengthened the intensity of the protest both online and offline. Those that were unable to join the physical protest had the opportunity to join in the online protest through different protest designs.

Now, what do we say about this? I would say that social media was an added advantage to this protest. It made the emphasis laid on the issue physically more emphatic through the platforms. That is to say, the youths were not in for a joke. Don’t you think so?

Asides this added advantage of the social media to the easy dissemination of information, it has also allowed for public opinion. Many people have been to share their minds on diverse issues through the platforms.

With all the obvious advantages of the social media, the Nigerian Government has been deliberating for a while now on passing a bill into law. Why? They claim that the protection from internet falsehood and manipulation are the main reasons for the initiated bill. Their reasons for the bill are quiet understandable but passing a bill on the majority’s source of information which is the social media should be rechecked, asides the fact that the majority of Nigerian citizens are against it.

In the real sense of it, are we really sure the government is not trying to hinder her citizens from expressing their minds? And as we all know that the Freedom of Speech is one of the major rights of a Nigerian, are we still on this path with the kind of decision the government is deliberating on?

Curbing fake news through the passage of a bill into law by the same enforcement agencies that already have poor human rights records and are known to routinely abuse citizen’s rights, isn’t that ironical?

Are we really sure the intent of these ones is to put a stop to Hate Speech and manipulation? Are we? Do we continue to sit and waich them step on our constitutional rights as citizens? If not, what is the right step to take?

What do you thank is the best option possible to curb the spread of passing bills into laws at the expense of the country citizens?

In as much as we all are trying to avoid believing fake news, we should ensure to dissolve every kind of news found on the social media. Do not take every news found on the internet hook, line and sinker.

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