Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

By Grace Oyebamiji and Sola Isola

Election as a political practice has its own way of making the citizens more than anxious to know who the winner will be. Speaking of the United States of America with 50 states, the world in it’s entirety is super anxious to know who the winner of the Presidential election will be. Will the citizens re-elect Donald Trump or Joe Biden, who was once the Vice President of the country? Who knows? As it seems, the election is a very tight battle between a Republican, Donald Trump and a Democrat, Joe Biden.

More than 141 million people have already cast their ballots in early voting on friday, November 6, 2020, putting the country on course for its highest turnout in a century, with the mantle looking like it has shifted to Joe Biden’s abode.

In the US election, voters decide state-level contests rather than an overall single national one. To be elected US president, a candidate must win at least 270 votes in what’s called the electoral college. Each US state gets a certain number of votes partly based on its population and there are a total of 538 up for grabs.

This system explains why it’s possible for a candidate to win the most votes nationally – like Hillary Clinton did in 2016 – but still lose the election.

As usual, the candidates for the Presidential election have their agendas listed out. For instance, on climate change, Mr Trump, being a sceptic, wants to expand non-renewable energy, and he has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord while Mr Biden says he would immediately re-join the Paris deal, and he also wants the US to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

On the economy, Mr Trump has pledged to create 10 million jobs in 10 months, as well as one million new small businesses. He wants to deliver an income tax cut, and provide companies with tax credits to incentivise them to keep jobs in the US while Mr Biden wants to raise taxes for high earners to pay for investment in public services, but says the increase will only impact those earning over $400,000 a year. He supports raising the federal minimum wage to $15. Great plans, right?

The votes have been casted already in the and no one is yet to know who would emerge as the new President of the United States of America.

One of the major areas of concern is how Trump, a man who won overwhelmingly four years ago had to struggle hard to get a second term which normally would have been easy to do just like Barrack Obama did and some other past American President? Would this have been because of his policies as a president or the basis of his relationship with the international community.

While the Democrats and Republican have taken on each other, Donald Trump has alleged malpractice in the electoral process and has since headed to the Supreme Court with a motion to stop the vote counting, that would probably ensure that no other winner is announced but Trump.

This development is a rudeshock, most especially to African Nations where it seems like American Electoral process is a model to watch.

As for Trump, he may be spending his last few days as American President and Joe Biden may be here in no time. What will be left will be the cry of foul play and allegations of malpractice. If Trump wins, what will happen to the allegations? Thats a question to leave unanswered, but certainly we have come to the days where new developments are shaping the world.

Trump is said to be a racist. That may be true, maybe because he doesnt cover it up. But lets look around us in Nigeria, tribal and ethnic clash have been here from time immemorial, what exactly in the definition of rasicm? This is a nation where nepotism has reigned happily in our sytem, where people get jobs not because they merit it but because the belong to a tribe. Lets leave that. Hypocrisy is devilish.

This same election has produced more women reps for American Legislature and also injected more blacks in to the system, the question is “will this translate to a better life for the blacks in US?”.

The question on most people’s mind now is, Will Biden become the 46th POTUS or Trump the 45th remain President?

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