Thu. May 13th, 2021

Reports suggest Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has received a beefed-up Secret Service detail in anticipation of a potential Joe Biden presidential win.

As of early Friday, several crucial battleground states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, remained undecided as mail-in ballots continued to be counted.

The Washington Post had reported that agents were sent to the Chase Center on the Riverfront convention center in Wilmington, Delaware, where Biden’s team has been headquartered since the campaign ended and were planning for a possible major speech later Friday.

Biden has had Secret Service protection since March when he emerged as the likely Democratic nominee but his ramped-up security will still be less than if he were the president-elect, the Post reported.

He previously had Secret Service protection until six months after he left the White House in 2017. All former vice presidents get protection for six additional months.

On normal election nights, when the race is called within hours of polls closing, the Secret Service detail is usually put together that night. But Biden will get the extra protection now because the race has continued to the end of the week.

(Arise News)

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