Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

By Sola Isola

Your Excellency,

I write to you not only as an indigene of Osun State but also as a concerned youth who is in full support of the #EndSARS movement.

I have always looked forward to a day I am going to write to you but it is most unfortunate that i have to write to you in this condition.

Let me start by saying that on behalf of the youth in Osun state i write to you to say “we are sorry”. An attack on you is an attack on us.

For us, #EndSARS is not against you as the governor of Osun State neither is it against the police. Our agitation is that we want the Nigeria Police Force to be reformed because we know the reform will help all of us better.

As a person, i kept looking forward to the day you will address the protesters just like your colleagues in Lagos and Kwara, just to mention a few because i thought it was a way of identifying with the youth and also a way of show us that you care, little did i know that some evildoers are behind the doors scheming.

I write to you today to openly condemn the attack and also to clearly tell you that it is unfortunate that it happened and we are sorry for it.

However, i want to implore you to ensure that thorough investigation is carried out to establish the fact about this attack because just after that there were other reported cases of vandalization in the streets of Osogbo.

Your Excellency, at this time it is important for me to say that you should not give up on the good things you have planned to do for this state but more importantly you will have to forgive us.

Your coming out today really meant alot to those of us who believed in the #EndSARS movement and who understand the complexity of your position as a Governor in a matter that more of a National Issue. The protest has to be nationwide so that the message of #EndSARS can resonate but it is not to attack any government official just like we saw that Kwara Governor who even led the protesters to Police Headquarters was not attacked, so clearly there was something wrong somewhere.

I wouldnt know if there were security reports obtained before your arrival, your excellency but I think we also need to review that because ordinarily i would think that security operatives should have intels around to be sure its safe for you, surely they would not be expecting an attack.

Finally your excellency, i like to reiterate the fact that there are no justifications for the attack released on you and we are deeply sorry for that.

Thank you for being a father.

Thank you for coming out today.

God Bless Nigeria.

Concerned Youth,
Sola Isola.

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