Sat. May 15th, 2021

By Grace Oyebamiji and Sola Isola

You dont have to look to far to be able to discern the level of brutality and impunity that Nigerians most especially the youth has suffered in the hands of men of the Nigeria Police Force. It seems each unit of the police have a section of the Nigerians they have decided to be dealing with but of them all, SARS happens to have appeared the most evil because of the way they kill people and get away with it in most cases.

So then there are questions that will keep coming your the mind of a sane person which may large be a general question that will never get an answer and you will also wonder if the people at the helm of affairs who could make decisions and think about these things too.

As at the matter continues to unfold, SARs pushed the button to the limit and the youth whom we think are lazy has finally revolted by protesting but its not the first time we would see a protest and so maybe the government also assumed its just a protest, then it became a movement.

Well, one way or the other these movement has pushed Nigeria higher in the practice of democracy, if truly “Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people”, this would invariably means that the people decides what they want but before then the people may have decided who they want as leaders and who they want must do what they want.

Questions wont stop coming and answers would be relative depending on who is supplying them. So why these unorganized’organized’ protests by the youths of Nigeria? What has come over the youths for them to have shown the government the proper way of administration within few days of protest?

These actions taken by the youths have given a whole lot of people, both home and abroad the reasons to be proud of Nigerian youths. Not just because they have been bold to speak up but more because they have been resilient in the campaign so far despite the challenges they have encountered like that of attacks from hoodlums who are also youth and will also benefit from whatever dividend of democracy that the youth are able to achieve out of this movement.

The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu made an announcement though that SARS has been disbanded but then reports came out that come cases of brutality were recorded afterwards which made the disbandment of SARs and ordinary audio announcement, so the youths remained on the street.

Do you think the youth hate SARs so much because of the appropriate discharge of duty by the operatives. You are wrong, the youth have an idea of what they have gone through. It seemed to SARs operatives that having all kinds of gadgets for comfortable living is a big crime. They are not safe to walk the streets of the country without being stopped and checked by the police. This has gotten to the peak of killing citizens, comprising of young Nigerians mostly, so long they cant get money from them either cash, transfer, bitcoin or POS, some times ATM.

Then, the question comes in that; what exactly has the government in power done about this ruthless behavior? It may be harsh, but the honest truth is nothing has been done. When cases escalate, we don’t end up getting to know what happened to the officers involved or anything, all we keep hearing is that the officer has been prosecuted, but how? Your guess is as good as mine.

This we could say prompted the youths to take to protests outside closed indoors and also through social media platforms since their voices seemed to be unheard in closed doors. Knowing fully well that they can not do anything absolutely with the protests, they also took to streets to pray and seek God’s intervention for the country, Nigeria.

This is to couple intervention with intercession; human efforts with God’s Help and restoration. Indeed, the youths are not in for a play game. They want a better Nigeria where human rights are defended; where lives are secured and properties fully protected without any fear of being stopped and checked for ownership; where citizens would live freely without fear of being killed when they do not give in to police demands; where the youths will be able to make joint decisions concerning the state of the nation.

The question that keeps coming is that, what exactly has the government been doing about this matter? What is their stand on this issue and what steps have they taken to resolve, make amends and also meet the demands of the youths?

Only very lately did we get to hear about disbandment and then dismissal and then birth of a new unit Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT). Does it look to you like an American movie, you are not alone on that.

This surely didnt go well with the youth. It only created an impression that what was done was to rename the disbanded group though later the IG cleared the air on the operation of SWAT and stated clearly that no SARS operative will be on the team. A lot of people kept wondering why the protest is still on, what the youth are saying is that “we want actions”.

Hmm… Who knows? The youths hope and believe that their voices are heard throughout the world so that appropriate steps can be taken to ensure proper administration of their country, Nigeria.
All what the youths are clamoring for is to ensure that the form of government in Nigeria which is Democracy is fully enacted. This is where the narrative changes in Nigeria. It is the beginning of the end.

You may not notice but the story that started from #EndSARS is already taking on the National Assembly and the bogus pay our representatives take home monthly. So the story is tending towards nigerians asking for good governance. Now if the youth could demand for anything and get it by protest then it means we would see more of it and whoever is a government official should be ready for it because we dont know what would be next.

If the end has come to bad governance and a care free attitude on the part of our leaders then you are welcome to the beginning of it.

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