Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Following the violent attacks on the youth protesting against police brutality and impunity by sponsored armed thugs, a man, Baba Inuwa, brought his dog to protect the protesters against any further aggression.

Inuwa was sighted at the venue of the protest with his stern-looking mastiff dog.

He said that he supported the protest with his dogs to provide first-line defence for the protesters in case of any eventuality.

“I brought my dogs because of the attack yesterday to safeguard the lives of the protesters in case there would be another attack,” he said.

He was on standby holding his dog a few meters away from the crowd at the gate of the National Assembly where the demonstration was taking place.

The attack by the hoodlums had compelled the protesters to put some internal security measures in place to avoid a repeat of the incident and not to be caught unaware.

They have adopted a strategy where a unit will monitor and ensure that all the protesters move at the same time to and from a location to avoid anybody missing or being left behind.

Also, a thorough screening exercise was conducted among the members to ascertain the genuine protesters and to avoid infiltration.

The protesters said they remained focused despite the provocation by the thugs, allegedly sponsored by the Nigerian government and vowed not to back down until their demands for police reform are met.

(Sahara Reporters)

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