Sat. May 15th, 2021

The National President Ijaw Youths Must Move Forward(IYMMF) Comrade Navy Stephen has said that the youth in the Niger Delta region of this country have been blindfolded.

He made this known in a statement obtained by Affairs TV and personally signed by him shortly after an executive meeting in Asaba, Delta state.

Comrade Navy said that 91% of the problems are cursed by Niger Delta leaders, for their selfish ambition.

“In 2006 there is an agreement between international country and oils company with Niger Delta oils producing communities, 14 Global memorandum of understanding (GMOU) clusters in the state since the inception of this mode of community development in 2006, #256.10 billions naira is coming to Niger Delta Region by every year by the name of MOU , the people who representing us highjacked the money”, he said

“So many Communities are suffering, the likes Egbema and Olobiri, none of this oil producing communities have electricity, no good water, no Clinic or hospital, No Roads, No market. Because of that the youths are disturbing the pipe lines, criminal activates is taking place in Niger Delta Region on daily basis”, he added

“We own this resources, yet we have nothing to show. We need a good leader to take up responsibility and quench this lack of right leadership ,and I think the reason is because we have not taken time to assess those who should be in positions of leadership”.

Stephen noted further that what is going on in Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is all about to black-mail Interim Management Committee.

“Am calling on ICPC to move in and begin to investigate these people based on available documents. We don’t want to believe the minister was joking. He has made available the documents and some of us have managed to get these documents.”

“A situation where former Governors, serving Governors, Senators and House of Representatives members are influencing over 150 contracts in a year, its so worrisome, i think Nigerians and Niger Deltans should be worried about this”.

“We want the EFCC, IGP to trace the movement of funds from the account of contractors, some of them allegedly nominated to see where the monies ended up because as a public officer you cannot nominate your company to do contracts.”

“The former and serving Governors and NASS members needs to be probed, But if we continue to dance around and allow only IMC to be probed it means the Niger Delta Region we are in Darkness, the persons to be probed will never be proped, he said.

He then called on Mr President to Set up a Probing committee to probe the present and former Committee members of the NDDC, the Senate and House of Representative members adding that the report of the senate committee on NDDC was false.

“This is because we were first told it was N40 Billion, later it was N1.5 Billion , and at the end of the probe, they said they were looking for N4.9 Billion and they alleged that N2.9 Billion was paid for Lassa fever without following due process. That was the period when the former MD was Mrs Joy Nuneih, They said N4.9 Billion that was paid for palliatives should be refunded. For crying out loud, they are querying over monies for COVID 19, another reports from Governors that no Covid-19 palliatives was shared to them by the commission or paid to them”, he added

“We all know that Governors of the Niger Delta insisted that they were not going to allow palliatives to be shared by anybody other than the governors, we needed the support of the Governors to get these things to the peoples in theirs state, because it was a lockdown period and moving these palliatives and medicals became an issue, so the NDDC had to bend to the Governors and even gave them money.” Like Delta, River’s, Bayelsa and Edo states got N100 Million, some got N75 Million each. No Governor has denied collecting the money, because the documents is with us. Am calling Mr President to set up probe panel to investigate former and present Senate and House of Representatives Committee of NDDC.”

“Nigerians and my dear people of Niger Delta, please my question is the presidential investigating panel should ask the Senate and House of Representatives committee on NDDC and former Committee.”

(1) The former Senate and House of Representatives NDDC Committee to give account, of how much international oils Companies and local oils Companies pay to the Commission, every year?
(2) How many international oil Companies and Local oil Companies pay money into Commission in 2000 / 2019?
(3) Why local contractors cannot be paid, example some money that in the Commission that cannot be paid in your Committee. 1million to 6 millions. Why those money cannot be paid?
(4) How many Emergency contracts awarded from 2000 / 2019?
(5) Why are this major communities contracts and some companies contract are abandoned for so long?
(i) Road construction at patani, Agoloama, Toru-agiama, Toru- Apelebiri to Uduphori Junction Bomadi Road, Company Name OKMAS NiG. LTD Abandoned.
(ii) Shore Protection and sand filling at Ogbeinama community, Bomadi LGA abandoned.
(iii) Shore protection at Oboro community , company name. OSMOSERVE GLOBAL LTD Abandoned.
(iv) Sea pilling KOKO Community are Abandoned.
(v) Road construction KOKO -Ogheye Community Road Abandoned.
(vi) Extension of 33kv Transmission line from Koko to Saso- Agbene. Company name. INCOME ELECTRIX LTD 1 Abandoned.
(vii) Construction of No. 23 Udo Ofunama Roads . Company name. JAPAUL MINES AND PRODUCT LTD. Abandoned.
(8) Shore protection of Akugbene Abandoned. etc. More are not mention

“If They cannot answer this question we all know that they are also part of the Niger Delta problem, they are part of the people who have collected contracts from the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC with full payment without executions,” he said

Stephen noted further that the Presidential investigate panel should investigate former Committee of Senate and House of Representatives NDDC, saying that they are as guilty as the accused, by the Minister of Niger Delta Affair.

“Nigerians and my dear people of Niger Delta, my humble question is that am begging for an answer”:

“I am calling on the presidential investigating panel to probe Senator Peter Nwaoboshi N3.6bn contract ,Hon Olubunmi Tunji-ojo N1.5bn contracts and .Sen. James Manager, Emmanuel Ewateh Uduaghan, James Obori , Hon Mutu E Nicholas, Hon Kalu and others lawmakers respectively in the Niger Delta Development Commission”, he continued.

“Nigerians can’t be fooled, I wish to reiterate here that the ongoing probe of the NDDC Interim Management Committee IMC by the NASS is a preconceived plan to obstructing the ongoing forensic audit exercise as mandated by Mr. President to be supervised by the IMC.”

“It’s a face saving scheme by corrupt politician within the NASS who has secured several jamboree projects from the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC from the establishment period to date. They are best describe as the enemies of the Niger Delta region.”

“Same people who frustrated the budgetary appropriations/implementation of the Niger Delta Development Commission budget are now fighting to cover theirs tracks that is currently hunting them and Niger Deltan’s are now clapping for same unscrupulous fellows that is destroying the common wealth of the people”, he added

“They’re corrupt people, I am not supporting/abating any corrupt practices, I have determined to Condemned corruption in it entity in the Niger Delta region come rain comes sun. Like the Minister would say many National Assembly members uses the NDDC as their money making machine (MMM) and has turned the Commission into a financial bank of elections”.

“Niger Delta Youths will not allow this people to have their way as usual? We are calling on Mr President for the repositioning of the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC But now God (Allah) has answered our prayers, a prayer we have been praying since over 19years, now narratives of the Commission, it’s no longer business as usual.”

“No amount of blackmail on the Interim Management Committee will dissuade them from fulfilling President Muhammadu Buhari’s Developmental agenda for the Niger Delta Region. we all remember that when Mr President want to inugurant IMC and Forestic Audit the Senate panel was never in support of it. I believe that the Niger Delta NASS members strongly worked against President Muhammadu Buhari’s IMC and the forensic audit exercise as proposed, they fought tooth and nail to make sure the IMC was not inaugurated but at the tail end the needful was and having realized they have failed in the first half, they went for a plan B which is the alarm of foul plays as raised by their sponsored groups/individuals that gave rise to the NASS Call for probe of IMC.”

“Nigerians, what do you think is their aim to achieve? Is’t to frustrate Mr. President’s attempt to overhauling the Commission, to truncate Mr. President’s fight against corruption. The last but not the list, to cover for their corrupt activities in the NDDC which they knew if left unattended to will no doubt expose the evil they have done to the Niger Delta and her people.”

“Why did the ongoing NASS Probe centered all alone in the era of the IMC and the Forensic Audit exercise period, why did they not extend it to 2015 to 2020? It’s simply because they are determined to frustrate the Forensic Audit exercise”, he ended

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