Ijaw Youth Group Writes Buhari, Warn Against Blackmail from PDP ‘Elephant’



Your Excellency Sir,

On behalf of the entire membership of THE IJAW YOUTH MUST MOVE FORWARD (IYMMF), under the leadership of Comrade Navy T. Stephen we want to commend you for your determination in transforming and developing the Niger Delta region, Mr. President Sir, your intentions towards the region are indeed genuine.

The IYMMF. Is an Ijaw focused Non-governmental organization (NGO) of the Niger Delta.

It’s established on the under listed core objectives:

I. Eradicating cultism in
the Niger Delta region.
I I. Developing the support base of Youths in the Niger Delta region.
III. Fighting for Peace, Justice, Unity and Sensitization of Youths in the Region.

The Niger Delta Youths will not rest until the region is completely liberated from the grip of corrupt fellows who constantly trades the Niger Delta region for their selfish personal aggrandizement.

Your Excellency Sir, remove Senator Peter Nwaoboshi as the Chairman Senate Committee on NDDC. He has to step outside until he’s cleared from his indictment because he ought to be under probe as it’s been alleged in the Peter Nwaoboshi gate of 11 Companies with N3.6bn contracts, he can’t preside over his own probe as a Chairman of the committee. Peter Nwaoboshi gate of 11 company of N3.6bn contracts must be investigated.

Mr. President Sir, there’s a saying by our forefathers
Thus: when an armrubbar catches an armrubbar, he’s one to beat the armrubbar more. You must not forget the saying that says” the warm that eats the kolanut lives within.

Your Excellency Sir, please nothing should be swept under the carpet, this disgruntled misguided elements are hired to frustrate your government good intentions towards the Niger Delta Development.

We request that the Forensic Audit firm should request for the comprehensive profile list of the Executive Directors/shareholders of the under listed eleven (11) companies:

I. Noan Integrated Services.

ii. De Towers Constructions & Allied Services Ltd.

iii. Franstine Nigeria Enterprises.

iv. Edrihide Company.

v. Isumabe U.K. Global.

vi. Benchmark Construction & Allied Services Ltd.

vii. Millstone Allied Builders Ltd.

viii. Nelpat Nigeria Company

ix. Agh-Rown Ventures.

x. Edendoma Stars International and

xi. Antlers Construction and Allied Works Ltd used to securing N3.6 billion contract from the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC .

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is not qualified to be NDDC Senate committee Chairman or member as he’s equally guilty as the accused. We all know this

President Muhammadu Buhari, what is going on in the Commission is the handiwork of PDP. they targeted in blackmailing the Niger Delta Development Commission’s Interim Management Committee IMC so that your vision towards Niger Delta Region should die, they’re doing this to mock your corruption fight and it’s so unfortunate that even the members of your party APC at the National Assembly is falling to the antics of the PDP members. Your Excellency, you need to wake up and act really fast.

Before now, Niger Delta NASS members call NDDC (MMM) money making machine. Prof. Daniel Kemebradikumo Pondei as close DASUKI GATE IN NIGER DELTA, and this is the reason for the call for John de Baptist Head. It’s the Genesis of the blackmail.

Your Excellency Sir, I make it bold to state here that there’s a reason why senator Peter Nwaoboshi probe committee is doing this, billions of nairas has been spent in the NDDC from 2001 to 2019 why are they so particular about the IMC, why did they not span their period of probe to the aforementioned period? Something is feacing, they are trying to spoil your Government before Niger Deltans.

Mr President look, since the establishment of the NDDC in 2000, the commission has had the under listed as MDs and Chairmen.


  1. Godwin Omene
  2. Emmanuel Agwariavwodo
  3. Timi Alaibe
  4. Chibuzor Uguoha
  5. Christian Oboh
  6. Dan Abia
  7. Mrs. Osato Arenyeka 8. Nsima Ekere and
  8. Nelson Brambaila


  1. Onyema Ugochukwu (Chairman 2001-2005) 2. Sam Edem (Chairman, 2005-2007),
  2. Dan Abia (Acting Chairman 2007-2009),
  3. Larry Koinyan (Chairman (2009-2011), 5.Tarifa Tebepah (Chairman 2011-2013, 6. Bassey Henshaw (Chairman 2013-2015), and
  4. Ndoma Egba (Chairman 2016-2019).

But none of the above managers/Chairmen of the NDDC deemed it fit to construct the Commission’s Headquarters Building while their tenures lasted in office but through the Interim Management Committee IMC, under the leadership of Prof. Pondei Kemebradikumo Daniel, and under six months, the commission can now boost of her own Headquarters building and this is commendable.

The commission’s mandate area comprises of the nine oil producing states. Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo, and Rivers. Sadly, while the NDDC has a comprehensive Master plan and hundreds of billions of naira have been spent over the past 19 years, there is little on ground to justify the presence of the Interventionist agency.

The miserable state of development in the Niger Delta was acknowledged by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo sometime ago when he said “The Niger Delta we see today is an area of poor infrastructure; a few schools and hospitals.” He merely echoed what other stakeholders have been saying for years. Indeed, the report of the presidential committee on project execution covering the period between 2005 and 2011 revealed the extent of rot in NDDC under the PDP led Government, the report monitored a total of 708 projects spread across three states – Delta, Edo and Rivers. Let’s trace the likely beneficiaries of those contracts and you will sure have the shock of your live to know that 78% of those projects might be linked to National Assembly members. National Assembly members who uses the NDDC as their money making machine/financier of elections, the story has changed, it’s no longer business as usual in the NDDC as that is why you are seeing all this blackmail of the NDDC, Interim Management Committee.

Mr President, the Ijaw Youth Must Move Forward IYMMF. we believe your Vision in the Niger Delta Region and we sincerely plead that you don’t allow the enemies of progress of the Niger Delta to thwart your agenda for the region.

Thank you and God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless the Niger Delta and
God bless the Ijaw Youth Must Move Forward.


Comrade Navy T. Stephen


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