Sat. May 15th, 2021


The attention of the Management of LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Osogbo has been drawn to a publication in an Online news blog (OsunReportersNG published on 27 June 2020) of what was described as ”panic in Lautech Hospital as two doctors test positive for Covid-19 in Osogbo”. Among all other things, OSUNREPORTERS NEWSPAPER (an Online publication), asserted that two doctors in the hospital tested positive to COVID_19 due to an interaction with a Covid-19 patient from Lagos.. This disturbing misinformation has gone viral doing more damage to the psyche of the public rather than informing objectively. Suffice it to say that the rumours and the purported fears are unfounded.

The fact of the matter is that two doctors on special assignments with Osun State COVID-19 CONTROL TEAM at a point were infected but have since tested NEGATIVE. There are no COVID-19 patients in LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Osogbo nor was any of its medical personnel infected by the virus through patients attending the clinics or on admission. The hospital is running it’s services without any distruptions and there is no panic of any sort.

It is pertinent to state as follows:

  1. On Thursday June 18, a man came to the Ophthalmology clinic with a referral letter from a hospital in Lagos. The referral letter stated that the man was also suspected of possible COVID-19 infection. The man who brought referral from Lagos did not have interactions with the hospital’s medical personnel nor was there any arrangement for surgery for him. It is therefore an outright falsehood that any of the hospital’s doctors or medical staff contacted any infection from a patient that was instantly reffered to the State’s Isolation centre in Asubiaro.
    Information had it that the said patient later tested negative at the isolation center where he was taken into.

2.. It is not true that Lautech Teaching Hospital Osogbo has been shut down under any guise or circumstance. The Accident and Emergency ward, Labour Ward, AnteNatal, Theatre, Laboratories, In-patient Wards, and other ancillaries are in fulll streams delivering required services uninterrupted 24/7.

  1. Staff of LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Osogbo are quite highly motivated and willing to fight the Covid-19 pandemic to a standstill working in collaboration with the Government of State of Osun. The Management has been proactive since the onset of the pandemic by producing preventive items such as hand sanitizer, facemasks, faceshields for staff use while Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are made available for Frontline staff who daily attend to patients. It is important to acknowledge the tremendous support of the State government and other organizations. Such support can never be too much.
  2. While the Media is seen as doing a commendable service in the fight against COVID-19, it is important to enjoin it to always seek clarification on grey areas from the Management of the hospital and relate always with the State of Osun Committee on COVID-19 for first hand factual information on all issues on the pandemic rather than relying or drawing conclusions from rumours. Such hasty and incorrect or alarmist publications will definitely do more harm to the psyche of the public.
  3. The general public is hereby assured that LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Osogbo is running it’s services in line with set down guidelines guiding standard medical delivery, including protocols on COVID-19 pandemic. All its facilities are kept in the required standards. We will not waiver on this.

Thank you.

Public Relations Officer
LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Osogbo

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