Thu. May 13th, 2021

The management of Osun State University has recently shed light on why the University decided to switch to the digital mode even before the advent of COVID-19 pandemic and urges ASUU to cooperate with institutions in embracing this new normal.

A statement released by the Public Relations Officer of the University, Ademola Adesoji, had earlier explained the place of Nigerian youth and presence on the global internet which includes the use of internet as learning tools. Suffices to say that, Nigerian youths, including the students of Osun State University are not alien to the various uses and relevance of the internet in their daily lives.

Also, in the earlier release, Mr. Adesoji, had warned that if academics fail to quickly upgrade to where the world is heading, there will be a total disconnect with the global knowledge pace. It is in view of this, that Osun State University seized the opportunity of deploying technology and internet to interact, teach and conduct normal educational activities that most of the students are using, to engage them to acquire more knowledge rather than using the internet for unproductive purposes.

It is on record that Osun State University blazed the trail and has been able to deploy successfully, the existing technologies that abound, as well as internet solutions in the organization of the matriculation of both her undergraduate and postgraduate freshmen and women for the 2019/2020 academic session. Sadly, this may appear strange to the naysayers who continue to view Nigerian universities from their narrow negative and retrogressive prisms, the truth, however is, this is not alien to the rest of the world.

Today, many universities and other educational institutions across the globe are conducting their graduation ceremonies virtually, while many more will follow. Of note is the graduation ceremonies of college students across the United States of America, which was aired on the Cable News Network (CNN) on Saturday, May 16, 2020. It is instructive to note that the ceremony had the former President of USA, Barack Obama among others as speakers. No doubt, were this to have happened in Nigeria, it would have been termed a scam by the Ibadan Zonal Coordinator of ASUU, Ade Adejumo and his co-travellers who obviously are seeking every means of discrediting UNIOSUN’s trailblazing feat.

At UNIOSUN, everyone has the freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, and expression of opinions and this can be seen in the series of stories, fallacies, and even spurious petitions by some union members. The university however, has no room for brigandage and other social vices that the likes of Ade Adejumo may want to term freedom of expression. At Osun State University, decisions are taken collectively within the context of our stutes, and that is why the university is making the desired progress.

The ASUU zonal coordinator for Ibadan may wish to note that staff of UNIOSUN are at peace with the evolving excellent academic culture in the institution and therefore, would not need his advice. We won’t allow our university to be run aground the way he and his co-travellers have done to others. There are rules and regulations that govern the administration of a university, and at UNIOSUN, all staff members have their rights and privileges irrespective of cadre.

It is a truism that when some people have lost a debate, they resort to slander and name-calling. Rather than resorting to slanders and innuendoes, we advise the Ibadan zonal coordinator of ASUU to embrace the new world order or else he sinks, as the world has moved beyond looking for excuses for failure. Indeed, COVID-19 has changed the old normal he is familiar with.

Finally, we like to encourage the Ibadan zonal coordinator of ASUU to concentrate on addressing the issues at stake, that is, how do we intellectually advance the cause of our tertiary education without the needless disruptions? He should jettison his obsession for attacking our Vice-Chancellor who is only carrying out his normal duties within the ambit of the laws of the land.

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