Senator Adelere Oriolowo In the Red Chamber: So far, So Good by Niyi Isamotu

Senator Adelere Oriolowo

Of growing concern are the performances and activities of our elected public office holders in Nigeria cum Osun state with particular reference to Osun-west Senatorial District, one out of the Senatorial tripod that makes up Osun as a state.

The current holder of the office representing Osun-west Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Adelere Oriolowo was seen as a green horn while contesting for the office but as fate would have it, he won and got elected as the representative of the Senatorial District in the Red Chamber to the chagrin of most political bookmakers.

Since the ship of his tenure has started sailing, it has been characterised with both sides of the coin in politics as praises and criticisms have been on the same track concerning his time in the National Assembly so far.

However, it is expedient to distinguish ‘perception’ from ‘reality’ as perception might give wrong impression about a personality until when face with true reality of things.

Criticism in governance is no doubt an element of a thriving democracy but such criticism becomes destructive and turn to personal animosity when one fails to acknowledge the strength of a person but rather beam his/her searchlight on his or her weaknesses always.

How can you say you have not seen the impact of Senator Adelere Oriolowo in Osun-west when he has engaged/empowerd youths of his Senatorial District on a Solar Engineering system training program (Repairing, Installation, and Maintenance) while the trained Youths were also provided with tool kits to start working forthwith.

A Senator that empowered the market women of his Senatorial District with millions of naira to support their businesses cannot be said to have no impact.

A Senator that facilitated the ongoing reconstruction and rehabilitation of the long forgotten Iwo-Ejigbo Road cannot be said to be a Senator of no commensurate impact.

Elsewhere in the Senatorial district, Oriolowo paid for the dredging of a dreaded waterways of a community(Ojudo) in Aiyedaade local government, wherein, the community has been suffering from time immemorial through property and agricultural produce loss for over two decades until succour came for them from this same Senator.

A Senator who has dug boreholes for different communities where they lack drinkable water has no impact?

He facilitated a whole lot of job placements for residents and citizens of this state into plum government agencies. Can one still say such a quiet achiever is of no impact? All these in one year out of a four year mandate and beyond by God’s grace.

A Senator who is set to offer scholarship to residents and indigents of his Senatorial District in collaboration with a German consortium is of no impact?

A Senator who is about kicking off a loan grant for farmers in his Senatorial district for up to Ten Million Naira (#10,000,000) and establishment of a conducive, productive and modern farm settlement in each of the three federal constituencies that make up the Senatorial district is of no impact?

I think it’s high time we start engaging ourselves in political/civic education to be able to distinguish the roles, duties and responsibilities of a legislature aside from the Executive.

Getting to know the distinction and similarities of this two arms of government will make people understand the manner of expectation they should be having for those elected into these different arms of government.

If it’s a Senator that will involve himself in political jamboree that at the end of his tenure, you won’t be able to point to any significant project he facilitated to his constituency is what people craved for, then it’s of no use asking our elected political office holders of infrastructures in our communities as it will be better we keep on sharing the money around and remain stuck at the same position we’ve been complaining about since 1960.

Osun state was recently awarded the best performing state in Nigeria in ‘RAMP’ by World Bank and this was down to his performances while he was the head of that World Bank project in the state. Hardly is a community in Osun that you won’t see the imprint of Senator Oriolowo while he was the head of that agency in the state.
If he can achieve that in the 30 local government that make up the state, how much more for a Senatorial District that’s not more than ten(10) local government.

‘RAMP’ won’t be the first World Bank project he has spearheaded, he has been involved in World Bank projects in Nigeria for over 30 cognate years with success rate till date.

Patience should be the virtue here as the legacy he left in those agencies took time before taking effect.

That Senator Adelere Oriolowo deliberately decided not to oil his media machinery for active propaganda that has characterised Nigerian political space does not mean he has a performance rating that is below average.

Senator Oriolowo has decided to engage himself in developmental politics rather than the political razzmatazz that has characterised our polity in this part of the world.

He believes if 1000 people are doing the same thing, that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing. He has dared to be different with his style of governance which is different from the usual ‘political Owambe’ people are already used to.

Engineer Moshood Adelere Adeyemi Oriolowo is focused about the NEXT GENERATION and not about the NEXT ELECTION which involves leaving a legacy in his time as a Senator that the coming generation will be proud of.

Like an Oliver twist, we know human wants are insatiable but what should be kindly noted is, life is a marathon, you can’t judge the end of it with efforts of few metres.

This is a four year journey at first, you can’t judge the end of it from the starting point only!

With Senator Adelere Oriolowo, quality representation is assured for the Senatorial District, quality representation will be delivered to the admiration of all.

Osun-west Senatorial District is in safe hands, there is no cause for alarm.

‘Niyi Isamotu
Media Assistant to Senator Adelere Oriolowo
(Osun-west Senatorial District)


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