Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

A lecturer of the Obefemi Awolowo University (OAU) has been recorded on tape threatening a female student that he would fail her if she does not sleep with him.

The lecturer identified as Olabisi Olaleye of the department of International Relations was busted in an audio recording made by the female student.

The lady identified as Miss Motunrayo Afolanya , a 400L students said that the said lecturer had failed her once and threatened to do the same again if she does not sleep with him, unknowingly, the conversation was being recorded. She later took the case up with the school’s authority as she couldn’t take it anymore.

The school authority demanded proof and that was when she played the tape where he was heard saying in yoruba , I promise you will fail this course three times if you do not sleep with me.The lecturer is currently under investigation

However, a Twitter user, Oluyemi Fasipe has took to his handle to expose the face of the lecturer.

Though Olaleye denied the allegation verbally when interviewed by newsmen and in written response to a query he was served by the university’s authorities, Ms Afolayan said she had been advised to keep sealed lips until the university makes its verdict public.

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