Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Popular columnist and fierce critic of the the Major General Muhammadu Buhari regime, Prof. Farooq Kperogi, says Buhari supporters are now on a mission to get him sacked.

Kperogi, who is a lecturer at Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, United States, said this on his official Twitter handle on Thursday.

He, however, stated that he was not perturbed by the activities of his traducers.

The professor of journalism wrote, “I’m just becoming aware that hordes of headless online trolls of the Buhari regime are writing or have written an online petition to get me fired from my university (laughs).

“I didn’t realise I’m that much of a threat to Buhari’s decaying autocracy. But the stupidity of Buhari’s inept regime and the idiotic minions it hires to troll critics is truly boundless.

“These low-IQ twerps think America is Nigeria. I’m now even more energised than ever before to expose the fetid fraud that is this regime.”

Kperogi, who received his PhD in communication from Georgia State University’s Department of Communication, is a known critic of Buhari.

The columnist has been known to expose many secret documents exposing misdeeds of top officials of the Buhari regime.

However, he ran into trouble with supporters of the President when a Facebook post he made in 2018 about the purported death of a former National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki (retd.), turned out to be false.

In the Facebook post, he alleged that Dasuki, who was unlawfully detained by the Buhari regime had died in the custody of the Department of State Services but this turned out to be untrue as Dasuki was released in December 2019.

The professor subsequently issued an apology which was rejected by Buhari supporters.

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