Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

The Nigeria Music Industry has grown to become a very reputable and respected Music Industry in the whole world and we have a lot of Nigerian Musicians and Artiste to thank for that.

One of Such Artistes is Olamide, popularly known as Baddo.

One of the songs Olamide released recently is titled “Shibinshi” and a lot of people have been wondering what exactly does this slang mean, Olamide has been known to be one of the few that brings a lot of slangs into the industry.

In a video released by Olamide not so long ago, Olamide explained that “Shibinshi Eyan Ekerencha” means “My Guy”, a true friend.

He also added that the opposite of “Shibinshi” is “Wonbenwa” which means people that will always like to familiarise with you either you know them or not

Download Shibinshi Here

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