Your Excellency,

In recent times there has been a lot of development and happenings that has informed my decision to write this letter to you.

I am not an indigence of Imo state neither do i live in Imo even though my Brother married someone from Imo state and interestingly from a town not too far from yours and so i have visited Imo state several times in the last few years.

I am only writing this to you as a New Nigerian and one of your big fan.

I have known you since your days in the House of representative, i don’t know much about politics as at then but there was always one man i always look forward to seeing on the floor of the National Assembly. In fact i referred to you then as a “fine boy rep”.

So i was very happy when i got the info that you have clinched the ticket to run for governorship under the auspice of the People’s Democratic Party. While i was still wondering if its possible to defeat Okorocha because of the All Progressive Congress at the national level. ” Gbam” the announcement hit me and you became the Governor elect.

Now from the time you were governor elect to the time you were sworn in i followed every news about you because of the love i had for you and my hope that you will be the best Governor Imo state will ever have.

I hope that my hope will not not be dashed at the end of the day. I believe that it is someone you love that you advise and that’s why am sending this letter to you.

Days before you got sworn in, i saw your predecessor Rochas Okorocha making several announcement of commissioning some projects i don’t know if it is real project or its just a matter of mouth but for me his administration is over. But i am scared at the energy you, your team and the party PDP in Imo is putting into crucifying Rochas Okorocha which i feel would not have happened if he was in your party.

I love justice and honesty but at the same time, i love it when we stay focused. I think you are already paying too much attention to Okorocha and the errors he made in government.

I took time to look back at your campaign promises and i observed you did not say Imo should vote for you because you are coming to nail and expose Okorocha.

So your excellency, leave Okorocha and focus on your administration. Ensure that you deliver the promises you made to the people of Imo. If you find any corruption traced to the former governor, then let the appropriate measured be taken.

I love to see you succeed in that office and i know you will succeed but it is too early to start attributing the reason why you can not do something as a governor to the fact that your predecessor made some mistakes while he was in office.

There is a saying that “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the Present”. Okorocha is history as a governor of Imo, you are the gift of Imo that’s why you are the present Governor and not the ex.

Please don’t focus too much on the yesterday of Imo, focus on the now, the present.

All we need from yesterday are lessons so that we don’t make the same mistake again and that’s exactly what i want you to do. Learn from the errors of Okorocha so that you will not make the same mistake he made.

Am sure as a politician you know that majority of the people around you are praise singers who are only concerned about there own pocket so they will never tell you when something you are doing is wrong, with them you are never wrong.

I look forward to you doing better as the governor of Imo state and am sure this letter will reach you and i will not have to write another letter to you on this same topic. If i will write you again, maybe on your birthday and surely it will be powerful.

Mr Governor, Please govern Imo well.

God Bless you.
God Bless Imo.
God Bless Nigeria.

Sola Isola
A New Nigerian

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