As much as I’m embittered about the situation of my fellow country people(Nigerians) in South Africa and as much as I want a sizeable reprisal attack for every animalistic act from those Zulus dogs in that country in order to let them know “nobody has monopoly of violence and stupidity”, have come to realise that the trend might subside now but there would still be same repeated scenario in another few years to come.
Why is this so?

An average South Africa citizen has an entitlement mentality, “they want to live big but don’t wanna work”

They hardly work but want to enjoy the best out of life and when such fantasy they crave for doesn’t occur, they vent their anger on innocent foreigners(mainly Africans) that came to ‘hustle’ in their country and are making it through their sheer determination to the bewilderment of the South Africans.

They have a rotten mentality that those ones are the one benefiting what they ought to be benefiting. Such a disgusting and nauseating mentality.

You can do your research about the people of that country, “dem no too dey read” and it is only people that are educated and enlightened that can have such rotten mentality in their culture changed.

Not until they have a change of attitude about that “archaic entitlement culture” sadly, the XENOPHOBIC ATTACKS from them against other African countries will still unfortunately continue.

For those of you having plans in future to enter SA, change that plan and save your life, you can never say.

Let the government of Nigeria take punitive measures against her counterpart in South Africa for reneging on the brotherhood ties between us, if such measures won’t cure their madness, at least it will curb it to a certain and appreciable extent.

Equally, I will suggest the government to review our foreign policy. We can’t be playing the role of big brother in which we make Africa as the centrepoint of our foreign policy and yet those African countries wouldn’t give value for our efforts on them. We must stop being a big brother in Africa on paper or by mouth but rather by action.

May we not be victims of unfortunate people in life (Amen).

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