We all claim to be diplomatic, honest and trustworthy and we keep blaming the people in government for there inability to govern and govern well. The truth is that some of the best critics in the world will do worse if they participate in electoral processes or ever get the opportunity to go into political offices either by election or appointment.

I remembered my ordeal contesting for the President of my department back then in the university.

I schooled in the north, Taraba state to be precise and as a Yoruba boy i had tried as much as possible to ensure that my voice is heard among the community of students. So i had gotten involved in the school politics as from 100 level days in fact i remembered the first motion i moved as a floor member (I will talk about it in my next post).

So i had been a major contributor to the success of what we call Student Union in my department but there was a major factor (I am not a northerner).

Judging by my acceptance and activeness i had thought the ride home will be amazing but there was a classmate of mine who was also interested in the deal, he had joined the department on Direct Entry so he has not been actively involved directly in the union processes, i say this because i had been Assistant General Secretary before i contested so i could pin point areas where there were issues to handle.

Another thing was the fact that if i wanted, i could manipulate the electoral process because everybody in the electoral team were my close friends whom i could influence easily in fact, my PC was used to design and print the ballot papers but i never wanted a victory i manipulated so i never spoke to them to manipulate the process.

At that point we were in 300 level going to 400 level and i had gotten in touch with someone who claimed to be interested in contesting for Vice President who was in 200 level going to 300 level.

Now this is where am going. My colleague who was contesting against me and his team who were promising CHANGE and GOOD GOVERNANCE in the department had a major campaign against me. Am sure you guessed right. I am not a Northerner and so i don’t deserve the seat.

Am sure (I maybe wrong) they had some lecturers on there back and trust me, i am not a friend of lecturers until i got to my final year and its because of there hypocrisy ( I will tell you more about this some day).

In fact, there was a man in the 200 level class, who is an elderly man and a practising journalist, who was at the fore front of never allowing a stranger rule the department.

So we went in to the election and i lost with my boldness and integrity. I congratulated the winner and i attended his swearing in for several reasons. His team was made up of about 12 people, 10 of which are from my political block and at the night of his swearing in and handing over, there was a post “Provost Marshal” which no one had contested for so the electoral body which were my friends ? gave me the post as compensation. I did not pay for it???

They also said they gave me the post because all the guys who were now executive of the Union are first timers and had Zero Experience (i will tell you more about this later) and so i accepted. At first i decided i was going to resign after two weeks but i did not because of the people who were loyal to me through out and who were indigenes.

I decided not to be too active within the excos because i feel that if i do, i may become a threat to the team leaders. Something funny even happened that made me conclude i wont go for meetings anymore.

There was a meeting called and i could not make it early because i got busy with some other things but guessed what happened, the meeting was already going on by the time i got there, as soon as i got in, my guys within the meeting disrupted the meeting by standing up for me to sit. I felt bad and i felt good. I had to address them later to please cooperate with the President to bring out good result.

One other thing they were saying was quite hilarious. I remembered that when we started campaigning they started with spreading rumours that my CGPA was less than what is required ??. At that point i wish i was a dullard… ( Just Joking, my mates can testify that i know 2+2)??.

So the basis of the story so far ( am sure you liked it). A lot of people are micro politicians and we may be worse than the people in government if care is not taken. Or what has leading a student union group got to do with where i came from, one would think. What about what i have contributed and what i have to offer?

The rest is history. The man who won back then is now a former president but what will speak for him today if there is any, were is achievement while he was in office.


Thank you for reading this.

Sola Isola
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